Inkeri Land eBook

Inkeri Land eBook

Information and facts about early indigenous cultures of the region between the Gulf of Finland and the Lake Ladoga. Also known as the Karelian Isthmus.

Included in the Inkeri Land book is some background information of regional history, that had impact on the peoples of the Nordic countries.

Inkeri land eBook

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“As the Glacial Maximum melted around 10 000 BC, the water runoff formed the Baltic Ice lake. The early pioneers ventured north along the waterways and its shore lines. The Baltic Finns and other people came from the west, south and east. Several Millenniums went by, and a few more, then came the Vikings from the west, and other people from the south”………..

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“The Neva river cuts across the Karelia Isthmus, a land about 15,000 square kilometers in size, from lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland. The 4,000-year history of that region is a tumultuous one”….

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“Inkeri-land is the geographical area, located at the east end of the Gulf of Finland, and the Lake Ladoga (Karelia Isthmus) along the Neva River, Narva River and Lake Peipus. The area that the Inkeri-ethnic group of the Baltic Finns historically lived from around 2000 BC to 1920’s”…..

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“During the Stone Age when humans ventured along the shores of the Bothnia Ice Lake around 10,000 BC, it was most likely during the spring or a summer season. Travelling on water by boat or canoes for easy travel and transportation of the animal furs and the meat they caught. Like many other human endeavors searching for food and clothing materials: they went out hunting, fishing, foraging and trapping into the Nordic/Arctic region”…….


“During the Stone Age when humans ventured along the shores of the Bothnia Ice Lake around 10,000 BC, it was most likely during the spring or a summer season”…..

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“The Ingria-land people saw the long boat traffic start, Viking ships entering in and out of the Neva River, starting around at 800AD. They were unchallenged on their journeys to the lake Ladoga and beyond. They also saw the transformation of the environment that took place over time with the swampland at the mouth of the Neva River”……

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The Internet And Home Surveillance

The Internet And Home Surveillance

The internet and home surveillance in the past, many have often wondered how they can keep check on things at home while they were on a trip or vacation – hundreds of thousands of miles away.  These days however, keeping tabs on your home while you’re away is quite possible.  With the Internet and today’s technology – you can keep watch on your home no matter how far away you may be.

Although the technology may sound a bit out there at first, this day and age it certainly isn’t out of reach.  The hardware used for surveillance is inexpensive these days, and ready to use all over the world.  All it takes is someone with a bit of common sense and the curiosity to try new and exciting technology.

The Internet And Home Surveillance
Church grounds

The Internet And Home Surveillance explained

To use these types of equipment, you’ll need a reliable connection the Internet.  The Internet is the heart and soul of distance surveillance equipment, enabling you to keep a check on your home from hundreds of thousands of miles away.  If you are planning to invest in an Internet powered surveillance system, you should first make sure that you can get a high speed Internet connection to your home.  Dial-up isn’t recommended, as the speeds are far to slow to broadcast video.

There are two solutions that you can choose from, each one varying in features and complexity.  The first solution utilizes a personal computer.  Several home surveillance cameras are connected together to a system that will survey their areas and record what they see at either a set rate per second, or going by movement they detect.  Depending on the system you get, you may or may not be able to adjust these settings.

The computer will play back the video via the monitor, and record the video to the HDD, or hard disk drive.  You’ll need to connect the computer to the Internet through an ISP (Internet Service Provider), in order to watch the video from a distance.  To watch the video while you are away from home you will need to log into the computer with a unique username and password.  You can log in at any time, and to operate the computer or watch the video images that the computer surveillance system has recorded.

The other solution you have available is much easier.  Normally, this solution is used to check on a home through a single surveillance camera.  Setting things up this way will allow you to use a single camera through your IP (Internet Protocol) address.  By setting it up through your IP, all you need to do is check on things is to link directly to your IP.  Once you have brought up your IP address, you can see live views through the camera.  This method works similar to a webcam, in the sense that it streams video around the clock.

No matter which solution you choose, both are somewhat easy to use.  Of course the second solution is much easier to use and setup, although it does have it’s downsides as well.  Both have great things to offer you as well, including the ability to log in at any time.  You can check video any time you wish, even chance your preferences based on what you need.

Anytime you need to monitor your home from far away, home surveillance and the Internet is all you need.  The Internet is a common commodity these days, capable of doing far more than anyone ever thought possible.  By investing in a surveillance system that utilizes the Internet – you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your home from wherever the road takes you.

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Vacations And Home Security

Vacations And Home Security

Vacations and home security can be a volatile recipe for a the destruction of a well planned holiday.  Nothing is more stressful, disappointing, or downright sickening than returning home from a hard earned vacation – only to find that your home had been robbed.  Burglary is a common thing these days, with burglary around the home occurring quite frequently.  When you go on a vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about the condition of your home and your things.  Your vacation should be relaxing, without having to worry about anything.  If you plan ahead before you go on your vacation – you can help to minimize the risks of anything going wrong.

Vacations And Home Security
Holiday Season in France

Vacations And Home Security explained

One way to fend off burglars is by hiring a house sitter.  A house sitter is one of the best ways to get rid of any type of trouble as well.  All you need to do is find someone who will swing by your house a few times a day, check on things, and turn the lights on at night.  If you have animals at your house, you may want to hire a house sitter to care for your animals as well as your home.  In most cases, peace of mind is worth any price.  If you decide to hire a house sitter, you should always make sure that you choose someone reliable who you can trust while you are away.

In the event that you are unable to get a house sitter, you should strive to make it appear as if someone is living in your home.  To be on the safe side, you can have a neighbor whom you trust keep an eye on your home.  Whoever you choose to watch your property should have a number to contact you with in case something goes wrong.

You can buy various timers and such that will make it appear as if people are in your home.  Radio timers and light timers can go a long way in making criminals believe someone is at your house.  You’ll also want to consider your lawn before you leave as well.  If the grass is too high, people will wonder if anyone is home.  You should always cut it before you leave, and have someone else cut it for you if you are going to be gone for more than a week.

You’ll also want someone to pick up your mail as well.  If the mail starts to pile up in your box, criminals will know that you aren’t home.  Even though you may not be on vacation for long, you should always make sure that your door is locked and that you leave the spare key with someone whom you trust who can keep an eye on things for you.

When that individual comes by your home to check on things, they should be sure to turn the lights and television on in the evening.  You should also make sure that your trusted person knows to check on the interior of your home, and look for anything out of the ordinary.  If something is wrong, that person shouldn’t hesitate to contact the police.  A broken widow, door, or furniture out of place is the first sign that something is wrong.

Vacations are something we all need to take.  Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, with no worries about anything else.  If you take the necessary steps before you leave, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Whether it’s a friend or family member stopping by to check on things or a house sitter that you’ve hired – peace of mind goes a long way in helping you make the most of your very important vacation.

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Wireless Alarms For Your Driveway

Wireless Alarms For Your Driveway

Wireless alarms for your driveway  can be assuring your sense for home security. Those of you who want to protect your home from possible annoyances and intrusions, never miss out on a home delivery, or always be aware of someone coming up your driveway – should invest in a wireless driveway alarm.  There are a variety of different styles, with each one offering you a truly unique and innovative way to keep up with what’s going on around your property.

You can get either wireless or handheld models, which vary in detection ranges, from the average 1,000 feet for small driveways to the larger driveways which span 2 miles or more.  Some models will warn you of visitors with tones, while others use prerecorded messages.  The more advanced models on the other hand, well you communicate with visitors through the use of an intercom system, which you install at the end of your driveway.

Wireless Alarms For Your Driveway
Home security monitoring

All types of wireless driveway alarms feature a receiver and a transmitter.  Any presence in your driveway is detected by the transmitter, normally through infrared equipment, which notifies you through the receiver.  Most models will allow you to speak through the receiver, transmitting your voice through the transmitter.  If a solicitor or burglary is trying to visit your home, your voice is normally all it takes to turn them around in the other direction.

Even though the technical name is “wireless driveway alarm”, there are several uses for this technology.  You can install the equipment in your yard, out of plain view, or even use the system as an intercom for anyone who pulls up to your gate.  You can also install the system on your roof, or just use it strategically around your property.  There are several uses for wireless systems, although the intention is to alert you when there is any type of human presence or movement on your property.

When you set up your wireless driveway system, you should always place it somewhere where it isn’t easy to see.  You don’t want someone who visits your property to have plain view of your equipment, as it can easily give you away.  Instead, you want to make sure that you are alert of any visitors, yet they aren’t aware that you are using any type of alarms.

Depending on how much money you have to spend, the systems that you can choose from will vary.  There are simple wireless driveway alarms out there, yet there are also systems that can do just about anything you want.  If you live in a suburban area, you may want to go with a standard wireless alarm.  Standard alarms are best for this type of neighborhood, as they are easy to install and will immediately alert you whenever there is presence on your property.  Another great thing about these types of systems is the fact that you can act immediately without having to physically be in touch with the receiver.

All in all, wireless driveway alarms are a great security measure for anyone who owns a home and wants to protect themselves from unwanted visitors.  You can get a slew of features as well, depending on the type of alarm that you select.  You can install most alarms yourself, although the more advanced models will require professional installation.  The self installation types will come with instructions as well, so you won’t encounter any problems.  Even if you’ve never used them before – wireless driveway alarms are a great investment that will alert you anytime someone decides to visit your property.

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Wireless Security Systems

Wireless Security Systems

With crime on the rise, home security systems are a must have.  With burglars becoming more and more common, you simply must protect your loved ones as well as your possessions.  There are several different types of security systems available for you to choose from.  For your home, there are wired and wireless security systems available.  Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, along with the differences in price as well.

The driving technology found with both wired and wireless security systems are quite different.  Wireless security systems don’t need to be wired through the house; they will instead send transfer messages to the control panel through radio signals.  When they were first introduced, wireless security systems were proved to be unreliable when compared to the wired systems.  As time went by and more and more people looked into them, wireless systems began to take form.

Wireless Security Systems
Security monitoring

Wireless Security Systems explained

When compared to wired systems, wireless security systems are a lot easier and more convenient to install due to the fact of there being no wires.  Wireless systems can save you a lot of money, time, and effort due to there being no ripping of the floors or walls in your home.  Wireless systems on the other hand are more expensive than wired systems and you’ll need to replace their batteries on a periodic basis.  The primary advantage to wireless security systems is the fact that they are easy to relocate, meaning that you can easily shift them from one home to another.

Wireless security systems use the same components as other security systems such as the touch pad, control panel, cameras, detectors, and alarms.  Wireless systems rely on radio frequencies that are transmitted by the door contacts, windows, and motion activated sensors.  The touch pads that are located at the entrances to the home will provide activation and deactivation of the system.  In the event of the power failing, a backup system will take over the wireless system and continue to provide security for your home.

Wireless Security Systems and System Control

To use a wireless system, all you need to do is input the code through the control panel.  Normally, this is done prior to entering and leaving your home.  Once the code is input into the control panel, the control panel will send remote signals to the rest of the system that will activate the alarms.  Depending on the system you have, an alarm will go off either by motion detection or a window or door being opened.

If you look around you can find several different wireless security systems, many of which you can install yourself.  Before you buy a system though, you should always consult a professional who can survey your home and suggest the equipment you need.  Even though it may cost a bit more money, it will be more than worth it down the road.

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Making the Leap into Yachting

Making the Leap into Yachting

Making the leap into Yachting does need some thorough home work to be made in advance, to have a solid grounding in what is required to succeed in order to prevent failure.  For many people, if you truly love the ocean and can’t get enough of it then yachting is the next step. The great thing about buying a yacht is that if you have enjoyed other forms of boating such as fishing or going on a leisurely cruise, you can do all of those things and more from the deck of your luxury yacht. Yachting adds a whole new level of pampering because unlike a smaller boat, it can serve as a home away form home so you can totally relax and let the stresses of life disappear. You will be amazed how even personal problems can be left on the shore for even a few hours out on your yacht. And when you return to the concerns of life and business, you will come back with a fresh view on the world and be able to tackle those problems with a new energy and vigor.

Making the Leap into Yachting

Making the leap into yachting explained

When you do even something fairly routine but you do it on your yacht, it takes on a feel of the extraordinary and the elegant. A business dinner at your home is warm and intimate and effective. On your yacht you can have the identical business meeting and it becomes supercharged because just being out on the water in a luxury environment adds a feel of success and power to what you are discussing. The yacht can close the deal when that final push is needed and in doing so pay for itself in one evening.

A fallacy about yachting that keeps a lot of people from taking that big step into becoming a yacht owner is that they have to know all about sailing and how to manage a boat on the open sea. There have been plenty of movies and news stories about yachting disasters to scare you out of owning your own boat if you think you have to be an expert seaman and manage every technical detail of the voyage yourself.

This is simply not the case. Most yacht owners engage at least a captain if not a full yacht crew who are skilled in managing that sea craft and are also highly trained in what to do in the event of an emergency while you are away from port. Your friends who already enjoy yachting and the venue that is going to sell you your yacht can recommend services that provide such crews on an as needed basis so you can focus on simply enjoying your yachting experience to its fullest.

Another approach to making the decision whether to buy a yacht all your own is to “try before you buy”. Of course you no doubt have been out on yachts owned by your friends or businesses with whom you are associated and that may be what has gotten the wheels turning on making this step into yacht ownership yourself. But you know from other areas of life that ownership is completely different from being a guest and just as owning a home is wonderful, you cannot understand it just from being in someone’s home.

A middle ground is to charter a yacht for a few weeks and go ahead and take a step at being the skipper of that big luxury boat. You can go ahead and engage a pilot and crew who will be there to make sure your wishes turn into commands and to manage the ship because of their specialized skills. But because this is your yacht for this period of time, you not only will make all of the destination activities and what kind of things to offer your guests on board, you will do all the planning and preparation for the trip. Your level of responsibility goes up as does your feeling of empowerment. As you stand out on deck watching the waves break over YOUR yacht, you can enjoy the feeling of power and success and ponder if you want to make the step to make this feeling permanent.

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Life at Sea

Life at Sea

Life at Sea can be really different experience to anything else that is undertaken on the land.  Taking a yachting vacation means living on a seafaring boat for days or weeks. But because yachting is traditionally a luxury setting, we often consider yachting to be the same as living in a five star hotel that also is free to roam the high seas. But the truth is there will be a different lifestyle on a cruise ship and even the most spacious and luxurious yacht is still a seafaring vessel and it’s good to anticipate that lifestyle and be prepared.

Life at Sea
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Life at Sea Explained

There are little things to consider when packing for your yachting vacation. Besides being sure to pack your bathing suit, you must keep in the mind that you are at sea and no amount of luxury or spending can keep the ocean from creating waves under the boat. So if you are prone to seasickness, the proper medications should be brought along and taken before you take your foot off of dry land. Of course, any good yacht will have medical facilities and your crew will keep an eye on everyone onboard, particularly if you are new to yachting. But it’s best if you anticipate the need so you don’t have to go through a bad experience.

Planning the agenda can help with a problem on yachts that also often sneaks up on people and that is claustrophobia. While many luxury yachts have plenty of open spaces and the rooms and common areas are geared for the ultimate of comfort, the very fact that you are on a boat that you can see the edges of in both directions and on the other side of those railings is the hostile sea can sometimes get to a member of the party. Again, anti-anxiety medications can help calm these fears. But don’t keep the members trapped on board for days at a time. Schedule daily outings to shore to enjoy a sunny beach, to shop in quaint markets and to enjoy local foods. These kinds of excursions are fun adventures and can keep the “cabin fever” of yachting under control.

Before you book your charter yacht experience, get a good idea for comfort level of the cabins. While there will be one luxurious master cabin for the sponsor of the trip and some VIP cabins that will also be quite spacious and nice, the guest cabins could be downright confining for others in your party. The best solution of course is to charter a yacht where all of the cabins are as luxurious as an opulent hotel room. By making sure everyone in your yachting party is given accommodations that they will rave about, you don’t have someone ending the cruise feeling like they passed the voyage in the slave’s quarters.

Before leaving to take possession of your yacht, get a checklist from the yacht charter company so you know how to pack and how much storage you have on board. Even the most magnificent of yacht still has some limitation to storage. So get some dimensions and a physical description of what would be suggested wardrobe and what kind of facilities will be available. If you know there will be hair dryers, curling irons or even a beauty shop on board, the ladies can leave a lot of their “toys” at home which makes packing and unpacking a lot easier.

Talk about the lifestyle on board the yacht with the party before you board and the expectations in terms of activities and services. In fact, you should know long before you are about to board what kinds of special considerations to have available to your group. The crew captain will have some form of medical expertise on the yacht in the form of a dedicated doctor or a crew member with medical knowledge. Make him aware of any food allergies that the chef should avoid or other medical conditions to be aware of so all necessary equipment and medicines are on board so no medical emergency can disrupt the trip.

By being prepared in advance, you can assure that everyone in your yachting party is aware of how it will be to live at sea for a few days or weeks and the rolling waves and the ample sea air doesn’t take them by surprise. And because you made sure to head off problems in advance, your cruise will be a delight for all involved and memories born on your yachting adventure will last a lifetime.

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Improving Brain Power And Maximizing Memory Function

Improving Brain Power And Maximizing Memory Function

Improving brain power and maximizing memory function would improve every new learning function of human activity, everything that us humans do involves the memory, everything, or all information comes out of the mind and memory.  Why some people do things better than others involves the accuracy of the memory, in specific ways to visualize the event taking place.  Can you imagine how much better you would perform tasks if you had an excellent memory? Not only memory to remember the event, but to visualize the details or the blue print of the event taking place.  Logically thinking that would improve the performance by many hundred fold.

Improving brain power and maximizing memory function

Improving brain power and maximizing memory function explained

The memory is very precious to us as it is a window to the events that have taken place in our lives. It can be frustrating though when you remember something that occurred 20 years ago but not what you need to pick up at the store this afternoon. May people wish that they could improve their memory. There are many ways of going about doing so rather than just being frustrated or upset over the situation.

Before we talk about how to improve your memory, we need to cover the ways in which materials are learned. As you hear new information or you are exposed to a new experience your mind has to decode what has been sent to you. It is going to interpret it in a given way. If you are focused on this aspect of things then your brain is going to file that information away.

Improving brain power and maximizing memory function with a memory filing system

It is as if you opened a file cabinet and dropped the information inside of it. When you are ready to retrieve that information your brain will pull it back up for you just like if you were to walk up to that file cabinet and take out the file you had previously placed inside of it.

You may remember earlier times when your memory was very sharp yet you took that for granted. The fact that we don’t continue to exercise our brains and to look for new ways of thinking can lead to our skills not being as effective as they once were. Take a dancer for example. She may have spent years perfecting her moves but then stopped doing them. While she still knows about dancing she isn’t going to be able to get out there and perform today as she was once able to when she practiced every day.

Pay attention to what goes on around you and you will improve your memory. The problem is that when people are talking to us we may only be half listening. We may be focused on something else that needs to be taken care of. Learning to focus on what is going on now will help you to store it for retrieval later on.

Improving brain power and maximizing memory function with visualization

Reading and visualizing a map of unfamiliar location is a really smart way to learn the task really fast. Try to make new information familiar by including it with information that you already have. Remember that there are many different forms of learning out there so find one that is best for you. Some people need visual aids in order to really be able to remember things later on. Others just need to hear it to be able to benefit from it. Find out what your learning style is and then make that a strength you continue to work with.

Take the time to ask questions or to do your own research when you aren’t familiar with something. It may seem like it is over your head right now but if it is explained in a different way you may be able to grasp it. If you do more research on the topic you can expand your knowledge and that will help you to make sense of what needs to be remembered.

If you really need to remember something, explore it in your mind several times. The more you engage in repetition the more it will be engraved in your mind for you to recall later on. There are some methods that can help you too such as word association and visual aids. Take advantage of what is out there that you can easily work with.

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Getting Help with Pilot License Training

Getting Help with Pilot License Training

Getting help with pilot license training makes good sense, after all the entire concept of flying a plane is extra ordinary.

For a young person who is looking ahead to a career that is full of growth potential, fun, good pay and that offers adventure, becoming a pilot can’t be beat. And it’s a terrific career field to explore because whether is piloting small charter aircraft to flying the big jumbo jets, the world needs good pilots and it’s a career field that is sure to have plenty of jobs available in the future.

Getting Help with Pilot License Training
Eagle flying high up in the air above the Coral Sea.

Getting help with pilot license training in a career planning.

But one reason that a job as a pilot pays well and has such a strong potential for long term employment is that it not only takes a certain aptitude and physical ability to be able to pilot an airplane, it takes some very specific training that is not easy and not cheap. And while you may be entirely capable of taking on the physical and mental challenges of flight training, sometimes the cost of getting the schooling to get your pilot’s license can be a challenge.

Getting help with pilot license training and scholarship.

Like anything else, there are ways for a young person or any qualified flight school candidate to get some help with the costs of flight school. A good place to start finding scholarships or grants to get your pilot’s license are the local aviation societies in your town. Networking with working airline crews and people already in the industry can give you the inside information on what local clubs and groups might be looking for flight training candidates to sponsor.

Getting help with pilot license training and the boy Scouts of USA.

One source of funding that you might not have thought about is your local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Aviation is one of the merit badges that many scouts get that begins their love affair with flying. And alumni of the scouting program who themselves went on to success as pilots often want to sponsor solid young people like you find in the BSA program to realize their dreams of flying an airplane too. You can inquire about such program by contacting your local BSA office and asking about the Aviation Explorer Scout program. They can put you in touch with the adult leader who is running that program for older scouts and he will know more about available scholarship money.

Of course, a place for funding of flight training would naturally come from the airlines themselves. They have a vested interest in seeing up and coming pilots get good training. So one clever way to begin rubbing elbows with the right people is to get a job at the local airport or with an airline in some support function. Even if you are just sweeping up around the hangers, you can get to know employees and express your interest in working your way up the latter until you are a full fledged captain of an aircraft. The airline may have employee development programs then that you can take advantage of.

Getting help with pilot license training and the military.

Many of our current pilots gained their flight training in the military. For obvious reasons, the United States Air Force trains a lot of pilots. And while you will primarily learn to fly military aircraft while you serve your country in the military, it’s a skill that easily translates to civilian flying and it’s a great resume entry when you get out at the end of your tour and are ready to make that natural transition to piloting civilian aircraft.

So don’t let funding stop you from realizing your dream to become an airline pilot. There are agencies that want to help you make that dream a reality that are out there. You just have to be industrious and get out there and find them.

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Evaluating a Flight Training School

Evaluating a Flight Training School

Evaluating a flight training school is an important step in the final qualification process of being a certified pilot, so it does take considerable amount of time to compare the many options available.

When you finally make that decision to go for your pilot’s license, it’s an exciting step for you. It will be fun to tell friends and family that you feel it in your bones that you are ready to put in the time and effort to get that all important pilot’s license to start your journey toward success. But just as in any area of specialization, finding the right school that you feel good about using to achieve this goal takes some looking and some evaluation.

Evaluating a Flight Training School
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Evaluating a flight training school and career planning

You will be putting a lot of time and money into the flight school you choose. And they are taking you through not only some knowledge training but a discipline of learning to become a completely different person. You will go from a person whose idea of flying was sitting in coach and thinking about your in flight meal to the guy in the cockpit calling the shots. You will “become” a pilot and you want your guide through this transformation to be a good one.

Evaluating a flight training school options

There are basically two kinds of flight schools and they are referred to as Part 61 or Part 141 schools. Now naturally you would assume one category to be superior. But in terms of the outcome, both can get you the knowledge and experience you need and help you become a pilot. The difference is their approach.

Evaluating a flight training school 141 curriculum.

A Part 141 school must live up to a very strict curriculum that the FAA lays out and every Part 141 school operates exactly the same way. Obviously there are some values to this approach. The primary value of going to a Part 141 flight training school to get your pilot’s license is that because they all operate identically, you can change teachers or even schools midstream and just pick up where you left off.

Evaluating a flight training school 61 curriculum.

A Part 61 flight training school doesn’t put itself into that discipline. So these schools will have a greater variety in the way the material is presented, the order it is given to you and how you learn it as well. Part 61 schools can use more creativity in how they take you through the process and very often the instructors are more creative as well. And since pilots are notoriously independent people in the first place, you will probably meet more “characters” at a Part 61 school.

Neither of these two types of schools is actually superior. Since the pilot’s license testing is standardized, they will all get you there the same way. The Part 141 approach gives you the security that they are completely governed by the FAA and the ability to change teachers or schools with no disruption to your education. A Part 61 school can customize the training to you and if there is an area of instruction that you might need extra help with, they can be flexible and make sure they cover the bases you need covered in greater depth.

Evaluating a flight training school in your chosen region.

Before you decide on a specific school, get a good list of the best regarded pilot’s license training schools in your area. The administration at your local airport will be able to point you in the right direction. Many times a large city will have a number of smaller airports that service charger flights and smaller operations and they often have flight schools on premises. So if the international airport isn’t being helpful, try the smaller ones in the area. Then set about checking out the facilities, the teachers, the planes and the reputation of the schools.

Evaluating a flight training school by meeting the staff.

By interviewing not only the staff and teachers of the school but graduates to find out the good and bad of each school, you will have done your homework well. But also get to know the instructor who will be your primary guide through learning to be a pilot. This will be your mentor on that first big moment as you take the controls and take an airplane up for the first time and you and he (or she) will be alone in that cockpit frequently as you log the necessary air hours to qualify to take the test. But by checking this all out ahead of time, by the time you put down your money and start the process of learning to become a pilot, you will know that you are in good hands with the school you selected.

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